Certified Translation

Certified Translation

We offer certified technical translations to 30+ languages

Translation companies all over the world are engaged in providing their clients with the necessary support for their efforts in internalization and globalization. Certified translation – required by Banks and official governmental organizations in all countries – as well as every contract validation are essential. That is why it’s part of the services offered by All Tasks.

What is certified translation?

Certified Translation is the translation of documents performed specifically by a Certified Public Translator, i.e. a translator acknowledged by the Government Authority´s tests and criteria as qualified within the necessary parameters and worthy of the proper authorization. This translator performs the texts under a letterhead that identifies his qualification to provide the job, signs all pages, uses a Notary Public and even Consulates. A certified translation has the same legal validation as the original document.

Is All Tasks able to provide certified translations?

Yes, we are qualified to provide certified translation for any kind of document, such as legal documents, balance sheets, audit reports, technical certifications, diplomas, bidding documents, trademark and patent requests, and legal, birth and marriage certificates.

Must technical translation also be certified?

It is very common for the market to require certified translations for technical documents in large amounts, sometimes thousands of pages in a tight deadline, such as patents to be registered in Public Offices. In this case, what we have is a technical translation that needs to be certified.

Which documents need certified translation?

We provide certified translation for all kinds of documents. The most common are:

Balance sheets;
Audit reports;
Technical certifications;
Bidding documents;
Trademark and patents requests;
Birth and marriage certificates.