Dubbing and Subtitling Services

Dubbing and Subtitling Services

Increasingly common as has been occurring with all kinds of translations, the translation of videos or movies deserves special care. The hirer needs to get to know the scope of each option to obtain the best results for the purposes desired. Do not hire subtitling or dubbing before analyzing the options below.

Video translation in Voice-Over

This is the case in which the audio of the speeches of translated texts overlay the translated audio in a louder volume than the original. That is, the audio from the original texts is lowered to leave more room for the translation audio, without however disappearing completely. Commonly used in the translation of political, religious or business leaders. What we have here is basically simultaneous interpretation, where it is intended to give the viewer, in a background, the opportunity to also analyze the original speech and not only that of the interpreter.

Dubbing with lip syncing

The dubbing service is an interpretation whose speech, duly adapted, is composed of words that enable perfect synchronism with the lip articulation in the original texts’ pronunciation. For this objective to be achieved, the translator needs to count on a certain liberty to use some synonyms instead of limiting himself strictly to the words used in the original language.

Video Subtitling

This is the best alternative for corporate videos, which are mainly those intended for training purposes. It is a written insertion of the texts resulting from original text translations, always simultaneously with the original speech. All Tasks counts on a team of professionals with knowledge in dubbing techniques, and has the proper technology to perform the work.


The task of transcribing the texts spoken in the videos.