Translation is the first step for internationalization, but not the only one

The extensive and complex process of internationalization can become objective, fast and efficient with the right support. Count on us to succeed in this decisive enterprise towards globalization.

Internationalization is the process to which companies submit themselves to obtain the qualification needed to operate in the global market. We offer consultancy to organizations that wish to prepare themselves for this process, proposing strategies to achieve their goals, as well as technical support to meet the defined qualification standards.

Our consultancy services include the stages of strategic planning and company restructuring for the adoption of an Internationalization guided mentality, including staff training for Globalization reality within the communication perspective, and comprising product internationalization, translation of institutional and promotional material and website localization.

Software and website internationalization – These services facilitate future processes for product localization, anticipating solutions regarding technical aspects and their functionality, ensuring agility, quality and cost reduction throughout the localization process.

Internationalization of a software or website is a process that must begin in parallel to the product development stage. Some cares are needed, such as ensuring that the software’s source code supports DBCS languages (languages that use complex characters, such as Japanese, Mandarin and Korean), different measurement systems, date and time settings and number formatting with designation of currency. All this requires special attention. All Tasks counts on expert professionals in both Information Technology and translation segments to internationalize software and websites.