Simultaneous Interpretatation

Simultaneous Interpretation

To almost instantly transmit concepts and ideas with the same emphasis and intonation of the speaker is both a challenge and an art form

Simultaneous interpretation is the only instrument that allows the speaker to speak in his own language and be understood by a multilingual audience in real time.

Interpreting refers to the oral translation, done in real time, in simultaneous or consecutive form, of the original speakers’ speech, without using any written material. The professionals at All Tasks are prepared in advance, through terminology research, which gives them a firm technical foundation.

Simultaneous Interpretation

The professional transmits to the audience, simultaneously and orally, the transposition of the orator’s speech content into the target language. This service is generally used at events with large numbers of spectators.
All Tasks has a team of experts with complete mastery and fluency in the languages involved, and who are trained and prepared prior to the event in the correct use of the interpreting booth, with sound capture and distribution equipment and individual radio transmitters.

Consecutive Interpreting

In this modality, the professional transmits the interpretation of the speaker’s words, during the pauses that the speaker makes for this purpose. It is recommended for intermediating small group discussions, such as in meetings with a small number of participants, or for facilitating communication during trade fairs and exhibitions.
All Tasks has a specialized team of professionals who have total mastery of the languages involved, and who receive training and preparation before the events.