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Technical translation services in this area, regarded as a very sensitive one, are also part of our achievements portfolio. We mention below two interesting cases, which demonstrate the technical preparation and professionalism of our staff.

Technical Translation Services for modern war tank manuals

When the Brazilian Military bought war tanks from the German industry, Mix Logistic, a German company that produced technical literature, entrusted the translation services of thousands of pages to All Tasks, and in addition to translating the technical manuals, we also trained the interpreters that supported the training provided to the Brazilian military.

We hired a retired engineer from the Brazilian Army, who was also an expert in German, as a technical terminology consultant, and final validator of the translated texts. Our work was much appreciated by the demanding German company that hired us and the interpretation of the training courses was closely followed by our quality Control Manager, who supervised the interpreters along with the German technicians sent to Brazil all the way up to the city selected to receive the equipment.

Technical Translation Service for Raytheon – Defense Project

We consider a great privilege to have won the tender to carry out the technical translation services of SIVAM, Amazon Surveillance System, coordinated by Raytheon. It was a National Defense project and the translators in the initial phase of the project before we joined, when going to train in Boston, were even escorted by full-time security detail. That is quite an illustration of the security levels in force.

We worked for the project during several years and managed to serve the executives that worked on the project here in Brazil and those we contacted in Boston as well. These were people trained to be extremely strict and cautious. It suffices to say that the majority of those executives were people that had previously built a solid military career, thus having been involved in missions of great significance.

That is one of the moments of our history that shall forever remain engraved in the memory of all teams members that were part of it.