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As infrastructure, we consider all the support required to ensure the quality of our performance, and the importance of information security as well

– We use the best technologies combined with efficient methods and processes.

– We invest in the constant qualification of the team.

– We use information security systems, hardware and relevant legal instruments intended for that same purpose.

– We maintain our systems and software operating within efficient and secure networks, enabling integrated activities among translators, quality inspectors, reviewers and layout designers, sharing the translation memory management and other tools in support to human translation, all of which is required for the proper execution of the works and its management.

– We monitor all process stages in real time. We use the Cloud system, which provides XTM technology, Trados and other tools via VPN. VPN is a connection established over shared infrastructure, using tunneling technology and encryption, ensuring the confidentiality, authentication and integrity of the information.

Our position as a translation market leading company in Brazil, our direct relationship with specialized media, and the partnership we maintain with Universities and tech hubs, have rendered us as a natural pole of attraction for the best professionals available in the market.
The professional or human translation support tools are crucial to properly develop the works in any translation company; they are essential allies for the translator. Unlike automatic translators, the software programs that generate translation memories optimize the performance of human translation, generating language standardization particularly in the adoption of specific technical terms, agility and cost reduction.