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We have created the Around the World Series with articles about the more than 30 languages we have translated for more than 10,000 clients.

Behold the massive amount of mysteries and curiosities behind the more than 30 languages that All Tasks translates. There are more than 6912 languages spoken in the world today. Find out the history of the creation and development of each of the languages we translate.

What distinguishes All tasks among translation companies

All Tasks is a translation company that, founded in 1976, today accrues 48 years of activity in the multilingual service market, having achieved a portfolio of more than 10,000 clients. Visionary, it is a company that was born translating to and fro 26 languages, with globalization in mind when the Internet was far from available and personal computers were a rare thing to come by, not only in Brazil, but most countries around the globe as well.

The pioneering spirit, tradition and commitment with our Market Leader role in Latin America, the qualification of the staff, the technology backing the team such as VPN, Cloud and XTM systems, in addition to a substantial volume of CAT tools, publishing tools and management systems, the methodology inserted in the Intranet, and a strong activity in the social responsibility sector within the translations market and beyond, are some of the factors that, added up to all else disclosed on this website, mark our distinction within both the domestic and international markets of our sector.

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