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All Tasks offers high technology combined with exclusive methods and processes, constant qualification of the team, latest hardware and software and modern information security systems.

1 – How are prices for the Several Translation Services calculated?

See below our several alternatives.

1.1 – How are written translations priced?

That is done based on the number of words or pages. The value of a word or page varies according to the language pair in question.

1.3 – Pricing by page or by word?

What is the difference? It is important that the quotation specifies the actual quantity of texts to be translated in order to assess the prices submitted by the several competitors. Ideally one should have the number of words but, since in Brazil pages are more often used as reference, it suffices to request the translation company to mention the number of words per page or merely submit the quotation per words.

1.4 – What factors impact the increase or reduction of translation costs?

Several factors such as the use of translation memories or the discount we offer based on repeated sentences throughout the text may drastically influence the calculation of the final translation pricing. We run this analysis at the time the quotation is sent. The level of technical difficulty presented by the texts to be translated rarely influence the translation price, seeing as the specialization in technical areas is our strong suit.

1.5 – How are written translations for video subtitling priced?

By the number of pages or minutes therein.

1.6 – What is the price of consecutive or simultaneous translations?

Values are based on daily rates of translators, considering the language pair, how many work hours, and the venue where the event shall take place.

2 – In what languages does All Tasks offer Translation Services?

In addition to Portuguese, English and Spanish, we translate into over 30 languages, including: German, Japanese, French, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Korean, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Romanian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Latin, Javanese, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Farsi, Catalan, Indonesian.

3 – In what areas does All Tasks offer translation services?

We have a team of technical translators and experts in a wide range of areas, among which: Business, Marketing, Information Technology, Legal, Engineering, Chemical and Petrochemical, Automotive Industry, Aeronautics, Mining, Metallurgy, Energy, Transport and Logistics, Railway, Medicine, Defense and National Security, Aerospace, Electrical, Electronics, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Telecommunications, among others.

4 – What is the difference between Translation Services and Localization Services?

The Localization Service is equivalent to the website and software content Translation Service. The “Localization" nomenclature defines the Translation Service that aims to submit the translated text to cultural and legislation adjustments, which are required to better meet the target markets.

5 – How can I obtain a quotation for my Translation Service?

Send your text files by e-mail. Fill out your data on the form available in the CONTACT submenu, click on the button [SELECT FILES], attach the desired files and then click [SEND].

6 – Why hire All Tasks?

Because of our 48 years of experience, because we have overcome different challenges as illustrated by our SUCCESS CASES, our specialization in multiple technical areas, and because we offer the widest range of multilingual services.

7 – What are the means used to receive and deliver the material?

The typical sending methods are e-mail or WhatsApp, whereas FTP could also be used for much larger files. The delivery of the translated material shall also be done through one of these means, as agreed upon at the time of contracting.

8 – What should I send All Tasks in addition to the text files intended for the Translation Service?

If you have them, it would be interesting to send standardization glossaries for the technical terminology used by your company, reference and query materials, definition of the final format of the delivery files, etc.