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All Tasks has been closely following this sector’s development, assisting our clients in translating large-scale technical literatures and providing interpreters for very long periods in support to the training courses. At the end of the page you can see our clients, most of which involved large-scale translation projects.

Quality Assurance in Technical Translations for the railway industry

Relying on excellent databases for research, technical terminology consultants and specialized translators, we have provided translation services for many companies in the sector, and have been always able to meet a wide range of expectations.

Some Alston executives have been our clients for more than three decades. We have worked for Siemens for more than 20 years, having reached more than 300 in-house requesters, including other divisions (business units).

We also have an Publishing Department specialized in AUTOCAD for the translation and subtitles of complex technical drawings.

All Tasks has a strong presence in the railway sector

We have followed the sector’s development, assisting our clients in the translation of technical literatures, providing interpreters for technical training and in the communications with their clients and suppliers around the world.

We are partners of Revista Ferroviária and have taken part in trade shows such as Innotrans in Berlin and Negócios nos Trilhos. We also work with the Brazilian Association of the Railway Industry, ABIFER, to follow the sector’s trends and requirements from our clients.