Social Responsability

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A new corporate ethics is shaping the good market partnerships, and that has made the world a better place. Choose suppliers of translation services committed to those goals. An ethical, fair, and harmonious society does not happen by chance. It should be fostered with commitment and perseverance that start within the company and expand beyond its limits.

Market Relations

We maintain a Newsletter that, in addition to being distributed electronically, is available on the website dedicated to the publication. It is called Traduzir em Notícias (Translating in News) The stories published aim to inform the public user of translation services about the evolution of the activity, which has become more sophisticated and necessary in people's lives, in corporations, and academic and scientific environments within the reality of the globalized world. With that same goal, we maintain a public relations agency that seeks to keep the media in general up to date with that progress.


We maintain partnerships with several publishers of technical, scientific and business literature, e.g.

Editora Saber: known for publications in the information technology and electronics field, such as:

Eletrônica Total; Saber Eletrônica; Mecatrônica Atual; Mecatrônica Fácil and PC & Cia.

Editora Padrão: publisher responsible for publications in the business area, such as magazines:

B2B, Consumidor Moderno and other customized periodicals.

Editora Epse: publisher of the magazine Banas Qualidade.

Plano Editorial: known for publications in the telecommunications area, such as:

Telecom and Telecom Urgente.

IDG Now!: Website of the IDG Group with news covering technology, internet, security, market, telecom and careers.

Editora Mandarim: communications company specialized in producing newspapers, magazines, company bulletins, content for websites and public relations.

Portal 2014

The partnership between All Tasks and Editora Mandarim, the website maintainer, encompassed the localization of the 2014 World Cup Web Portal ( into English. The agreement had the aim of disseminating the news about Brazil's preparations for the event at global level.

Gala Global

Non-profit international sectoral association focused on internationalization and localization. Organizes conferences and regular meetings.

ABACH – Casa da Fazenda do Morumbi

All Tasks was awarded by Abach – Brazilian Academy of Arts, Culture and History in the category Featured Company of 2009.

The award ceremony took place at the Casa da Fazenda do Morumbi, the Academy's headquarters, on December 20th, in São Paulo.

On that occasion, Thiana Donato, founder and director of the company, also received the Women's Merit Necklace for her administration. “The award honors all efforts of the All Tasks team that is always dedicated to ensure excellence in services provided to their clients", stated Gilberto Rosa Siqueira, Public Relations director of Abach.

Abach was founded in 1910 and is established and operates in a beautiful building that hosted the former and prosperous farm in the Morumbi district. The building was fully restored with the same materials originally used at the time it was built, in 1813, and today hosts several event halls and art exhibitions, as well as a beautiful restaurant.

Yale Week

The “Yale Week", sponsored by All Tasks, brought renowned professors from the Ivy League university between the months of May and June, 2007, for conferences, lectures and visits to Brazilian universities. The University of Yale, a respectable center that prepares leaders in the fields of administration, politics, environment, and education sought Brazilian talents to integrate their graduate and post-graduate courses. Such initiatives stimulate knowledge and support young grad students who will soon have new alternatives to extend their curricula.

Welfare Entities

All Tasks supports entities that engage in social services with responsibility, in addition to contributing on a regular basis to several entities dedicated to youth.  Some examples:

GRAAC (Support Group to Children and Youth with Cancer) – Phone No. 55-11-5908-9100

LAR AMOR AO PRÓXIMO – Phone No. 55-11-2391-0900


ABEM Multiple Sclerosis Association – Phone No. 55-11-5587-6050

Associação Nossa Senhora de Fátima/Arautos do Evangelho – Phone No. 55-11-2971-9040

AIDS Support and Solidarity and Center – Phone No. 55-11-5011-5338

Association for Hepatitis Patients – Phone No. 55-11-3170-3285