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The technical translation services for the Hotel and Tourism industry, because they have their greatest volumes of texts on websites, refer hence to localization services, almost in full.

Technical Translation service for 100 thousand pages of text for the Localization of the Reservations Website.

Our technical translation company won the international bidding to supply 100 thousand pages or 14 million words of translation services for the HOTELS.COM website, handling both Portuguese and Spanish.

What we actually carried out was a website localization service, given that there was much research involved and the texts were submitted to significant cultural adaptations. As every localization effort requires, our IT sector also actively participated throughout the entire process.

We consider it one of the most thorough localization services we have ever performed. The result is available on-line. We helped in making the best on-line booking website. We recommend it.

It’s also noteworthy that we made significant corrections to the translation memories they previously had and actively collaborated towards the overall improvement of the contents.

See below other companies to whom we have provided translation services in that technical area.

Technical Translation and Localization Services for the Embratur website

The technical translation services of the text contents for this important website were hired by Embratur via Le Pera Comunicações, who subcontracted All Tasks to translate and localize the website.

The teams of Le Pera and All Tasks interacted efficiently, bringing very positive results to the finished product.