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We provide translation services for the top companies in consulting and auditing installed in Brazil, major law firms, offices that represent international banks, and legal departments of the main national or foreign banks with operations in Brazil, in particular when they manage or are involved in merger or acquisition processes.

Our services of technical translations, either certified or not, to support merger and acquisition processes are often hired since the moment of preparing the basis to develop the negotiations, during the documentation assessment, up to process closure and contract signing.

Confidentiality agreements and many other precautions in regard to the team, sites reserved for them, and information security while channeling through digital means are very well monitored and adapted to each case.

And here as well we are capable of setting up service outposts in client offices, an initiative that has become typical and is quite simple to implement;  this offers extra agility and efficiency in results.

Major companies such as Pricewaterhousecoopers, KPMG International, Deloitte Brasil, BTG Pactual, Pinheiro Neto Advogados, França Ribeiro Advogados, Demarest Advogados, and Siqueira Castro Advogados have used our services in such cases.

Technical Translation for Legal, Financial, Accounting and Business Sectors

Large demands of translation services from these areas also come up when supplying ERPs from corporations with global operations. The information generated and used by branch companies in multiple countries are published in one single language, typically English.