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Among all automatic translations available, in addition to being free, Google's is the most advanced. Google Translate fulfills a very important role in face of globalization, considering the enormous amount of information that is multiplied every day at global level, precisely caused by globalization.
Translating an Internet page merely to know what its content is about is a relevant convenience that Google has brought us.

However, if your requirement is not limited to a quick understanding of a given text, using the automated translation process to translate a document, technical literatures, contracts or other kinds of documentation, automatic translations will not prove to be a good option.
You'll need a professional translation, mindful of the details or subtleties of language or any other aspects, whether technical, cultural, legislation-related and those that interfere with the extralinguistic profile of the text.
Those are just some of the reasons that grant professional translation a quite optimist scenario for the future.

In order to absorb the immense amount of information released nowadays in many languages, if it weren't for Google, who else would save us from such embroilment.
But it's not all milk and honey, let's tread lightly.

Want to find out straight away some of the problems already caused by Google automated translations? Then do as we do. Use what's best in Google, which is search engine.
Here are some results…

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Okay. What would be of this globalized world without Google's translator.
Nonetheless, language is one of the broadest and complex forms of human expression.
Therefore, the future of the professional translator is secured, inasmuch as the quantity of literatures at global level grow exponentially, having TRANSLATION itself as the main factor of growth.